Ambush on Androids Help (Rithmomachia) Screen Shot (7k)

Ambush on Androids Help



Ambush, (also known as Rithmomachia) is an ancient board game based on the Mathematics of Pythagoras. It was once as popular as chess but is little known today. The object is to be the first to reach over a certain number of points, (total value of opponents captured pieces), or to capture a certain number of pieces. The pieces may move in a straight line in any direction. You cannot jump a piece. The round pieces move one square at a time, triangles three and the squares four. The pyramid is really a stack made up of other pieces and can move like any of the component pieces. Just touch\ a pyramid to cycle through its' components.


There are four ways to capture an opponents piece:
  1. Ambuscade - Maneuver two pieces on either side that add up to that piece.
  2. Siege - Surround an opponents piece on all four sides. The edge or corner of the board can be used to aid in a siege.
  3. Meeting - If a piece of like number would land on a like numbered piece. e.g. if the round 9 was one space away from the triangular 9, the triangle would be captured. The round would not move. Touch the piece to be moved and then touch the piece to be captured.
  4. Assault - A piece multiplied by the number empty spaces between it and opponents piece equaled that piece. e.g. if round 3 was separated from triangle 9 by 3 empty spaces the 9 would be captured. The 3 would occupy the captured the space that the 9 was on. Drag & Drop on the piece to be captured.

To Win

The first player to capture 6 pieces or pieces that total over 500 points wins. The literature describes other types of wins that involve achieving various combinations of geometric and numeric progressions. You might try this while playing another person.